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About QOS Server LLC

QOS Server, LLC was established in 1997 to produce HD productions and to provide HD production services in Vancouver Canada. Since then the company has grown to become a leader in developing and deploying high-speed on-set and near-set rugged shared storage technology throughout North America. QOS Server, LLC opened an office in Los Angeles CA to support customers in the US and to help establish manufacturing of a diverse postproduction and editorial technology solution for small and large production facilities. Our customer’s applications range from on-set DIT location work, VR, high-speed 3D productions, low and high-resolution editorial to high-end deliverables. Our servers offer user-friendly software, quiet and high-speed operation that make them perfect for small and large production rental houses, post production facilities and film and video production companies. Our team will be demonstrating the “shoot-to-screen” of offloading the RED and ARRI camera data cards to card readers using the new Production SAN Box (TM) using high-speed Thunderbolt III, USB3c and SAS connections to the PSB. Two or more readers from any of ARRI, Sony, Red and Cannon can be used simotaniously with the QOS Server new Production SAN Box (TM) with it stunning 14,000 MBps internal speeds. There is also the ability to transfer at 40Gig E to a thunderbolt SSD drive or to QOS Servers high-speed transporter used to transport data and offload data to our high-speed online 32 or 498 Bay server capable of holding 480 TB of shared Avid, Adobe and FC editorial and deliverable workflows Our team of experts in the field will be there to answer any question and to provide a personal demo of the exciting Production SAN Box (TM) workflow. Please feel free to drop by and say hi.
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